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January Super Saver

As you are aware, the new year is when new goals are put in place. Usually, one of them is to to get back in the Gym. Well to make this a bit easier for you we are offering 1 months membership @titansgym.rayleigh for £15 only! This is an traditional family run gym with a […]


Beyond Chicken and Rice

I frequently get asked for advice on people’s diets, especially young people who are hoping to gain muscular size and bodyweight. No, I am certainly not a “guru” or any other term like that, but I do know a few things about putting on muscle and getting into shape. When I look at their diets, […]


Gaining Weight

In a world where everyone seems totally obsessed with losing weight and being skinny (well, I suppose, let’s face it, an alarming majority in the general population are in terrible shape and could do with losing a few pounds and taking up exercise- but that’s another topic!) What about your typical skinny young bloke who […]


Key Factors to Producing Muscle Growth

What are the key factors to producing muscle growth? This is a key question we all want to know the answers to. The first thing that might spring to mind is using heavy weights for fairly low repetition. However, that is only a small (albeit important) part of the equation and doesn’t really paint the […]


Training To Gain Lean Mass

In short, there are no short cuts to gaining lean mass, since it takes many years of dedicated effort and commitment to hard training, a healthy balanced diet, rich in muscle-building nutrients, and a healthy lifestyle to build slabs of rock hard muscle. Here are some pointers though in all these aspects of bodybuilding to […]


Getting In Shape For Summer

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some tips for getting in shape for summer. Well, this is probably not going to come as a surprise to most of you, but there are no secrets that I can give you to transform your body, other than to say that with consistent dedication […]