Members Feedback

“Being a serious Triathlete I joined Titan’s gym in order to improve my core body strength. I was keen to join due to the large weights section, the extensive range of machines to isolate specific muscle groups and the helpfulness of the staff who worked there. Joining was pivotal for the Half Ironman race that I had geared myself towards in 2012. My improved core, and all over body strength, meant I completed the Antwerp Half Ironman in a time of 4 hours 58 minutes, which was quick enough to earn me a qualifying place in the world championships in Las Vegas.

I have no doubt that this would not have been possible had I not joined Titan’s and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about achieving some long term goals whether it relates to fitness, body definition, or overall strength and size.”

Paul Hearmon


“I train at various gyms in Essex but this is where I feel at home and because of Chris I have made the most progress. I have been an instructor in W.A.B.B.A. and Y.M.C.A. but after being struck down with “chronic fatigue syndrome ” weight training was the only thing that pulled me out of a very dark place. Please remember that training in the gym not only helps your body but your brain. Train well train at Titans.”

Steve Marshall